Piping Hot Stoves for commercial user

Biomass has until recently not been a common form of heating in commercial building. However with rising oil and gas prices and focuses on carbon reductions many firms are turning to biomass to heat their warehouses, factories and offices.

So why is biomass the best form of heating for commercial building?

Cost, Carbon and Corporate responsibility

Cost- Biomass fuels are low cost and can even save on waste removal (pallets, wood packaging). However the main cost saving or profit and loss influence is the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), which in most cases pays any commercial user of heat more money than it costs to produce the heat. In addition Biomass is an industry with many small suppliers, unlike oil and LPG which means your supply of fuel is not dependant on a few large suppliers and hence very competitive.

Carbon- Biomass fuels are classed as the lowest carbon group of heating fuels, much lower than Air or Ground source heat pumps. This means if your organisation has a Carbon Reduction Commitment or simply wants to reduce your carbon footprint a biomass heating system is a good place to start.

Corporate responsibility- Using a sustainable fuel, which in many cases can be locally sourced, which supports the community your business operates in makes sense. If by using biomass you are also reducing your waste wood generation then it’s a win win for the environment, as wood in land fill produces methane which is one of the worst greenhouse gases.

Commercial heating can also be ‘District Heating’ which blur the line between commercial and domestic. In a District Heating Scheme, a number of houses are supplied with heat from one boiler installation. These houses can take the form of holiday lets, terraced houses, workers cottages, or any set of houses that can be heated from one source.

The main subsidy in this area is the commercial Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), which pays 8.3p per KWh for 20 years and usually the saving pays for both the boiler in 3 years, giving 17 years of free heating (see Grants & Subsidies).

If you think that your premises might be eligible for commercial RHI or you just want to discuss your requirements, please drop us an email or give us a call.

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