Lincar America Wood-Burning Cooker

The America 148V is a unique, Baroque-inspired wood-burning cooker. This product  isespecially popular with caterers and those who need a cooker that will impress clients and show food being cooked. But it can be the perfect cooker for people of discerning taste in all walks of life!


The top two doors are for the firebox (on the left) and the oven (on the right). These doors have windows that are designed to display the fire and the food simultaneously. Beneath both doors are two identical drawers - the right hand one is a storage drawer (for wood, oven gloves, etc) and the left hand one is a large ashtray. Both of these drawers will save you trips outside on a cold winter's night as you can store more wood and collect far more ash than on other solid fuel cookers. The top of the America is a hotplate with removable gridle ports, allowing for easy access to all parts of the cooker. There are gold-coloured rails around it to hang towels on and dry laundry (much quicker than tumble drying!)


  • External facing of enameled cast iron
  • Frame, plate and rings of cast iron
  • Enamelled oven
  • Wood drawer


A huge advantage of the America is that it runs on any type of wood you can imagine. It has an astonishing efficiency of 84.5% which is one of the best on the market - you get far more heat from the wood than you might usually expect. Wood is the cheapest fuel available - for comparison, gas will cost you a minimum of 4p per kWH of heat produced, oil costs between 6p and 10p per kWH (and rising). Wood usually costs 3p per kWH and, if you can find other sources of solid fuel, it is even cheaper.

America is manufactured by Lincar, one of Italy's leading manufacturers of wood-burning cookers and stoves with over 40 years experience in the business. We have been so impressed by the reliability and efficiency of Italian cookers that we have decided to make them available in the UK! In fact their quality is no surprise as a third of Italy runs on wood!

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£2,959.20  20% VAT Incl.
Lincar America Wood-Burning Cooker

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