Frequently Asked Questions

What is a clean burn stove or cooker?

It is an appliance which has a double burn. Air is introduced into the hot gas, above the flames and it re-ignites. This means you get much more heat from the fuel burning. Many of our stoves and cookers have this feature.


What is an air wash?

This is a way of directing the flue gasses past the glass door to keep it clean. Most stoves have this feature. It improves efficiency however a clean burn stove will be more efficient.

Can I install my stove?

You can install a solid fuel appliance yourself, however you will have to ensure it complies with the relevant building regulations and have it inspected to insure it complies. We always recommend you get a HETAS qualified engineer to install and certify your new appliance.

Do I need to line a chimney?

We would advise that you line or re-line any chimney with a suitable double skin stainless steel flexible liner. This is not always needed, if you have a clay lined chimney in good condition you may not need a flexible liner. This should be inspected.

Can I reuse an existing flexible flue liner?

Yes, as long as it is not more than a few years old. You have to assume the appliance you are installing will last well over 10 years and you should plan for the liner to last at least this long.

What is Biomass?

Biomass is any fuel which has been made from a plant which has been grown for fuel. In the context of heating this means wood pellets, wood logs, straw pellets, miscanthus pellets, wood chips, nuts, fruit seeds, in other words anything solid which can be burnt and is from a plant.

What are wood Pellets?

They are compressed wood sawdust normally 6 or 8 MM in diameter. They produce 4.8 KW of heat per KG, which is higher than wood logs, as wood pellets are much dryer.

Why use Pellets over Logs?

Wood pellet boilers and room heaters will both turn themselves on and off automatically, as a gas or oil boiler would do. Wood Pellets produce more heat per KG of fuel than wood logs, this is because logs are normally not as dry as wood pellets. Pellets are in truth the next step in the evolution of wood as a fuel.

What is RHI?

RHI stands for Renewable Heat Incentive, it is a UK government subsidy scheme to encourage the use of Renewable energy to provide heat and reduce carbon emissions. The commercial scheme currently pays 8.3p per KWh which is index linked for 20 years. The domestic scheme started in 2014.

What does ‘MCS’ stand for?

MCS stands for ‘Microgeneration Certification Scheme’, which is a government scheme for certifying products and installers for government subsidies such as RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive), RHPP and the Solar Feed-In Tariffs to encourage households to switch from fossil fuel based energy sources onto more carbon-neutral technology. As long as a product is MCS-approved and has been installed by an MCS qualified engineer, then it will qualify for domestic RHI/RHPP and commercial RHI for installations below 45Kw.

Like the solar panels feed-in tariff, this is supposed to pay you back double what you paid, but we have found it is more generous with our installations, which usually pay for themselves within 3 years.

Can I use underfloor heating with a Pellet boiler?

Yes, as long as it is not all your heating. As when the underfloor is up to temperature it will turn off and the Pellet Boiler will not shutdown as quickly. Hence an installation will need radiators or towel rails to send the heat to.

What is a ‘Water Loop’/ ‘Hot Water Kit’?

A water loop is a pumped or gravity circuit through which water flows into a Pellet, Wood-Fired or Biomass boiler in order to heat it.

All boilers have a primary water loop which is used to heat water for central heating AND domestic hot water (e.g. baths and showers) via a Hot water cylinder.

The Stella, Poseidon or the Moretti range CAN have a secondary water loop (or separate heat exchanger) which allows the primary loop to be used just for central heating. The secondary loop can then heat water direct from your mains water supply, meaning you might not need a domestic hot water tank and you can have a continuous flow of hot water (when the boiler is hot).

A ‘Hot water kit’ is simply the inclusion of a secondary water loop in a boiler.

I can’t find what I’m looking for – do you do (X)?

The product range on this website is not exhaustive and we have access to a very wide range of products to meet to your exact requirements. If there is a product you’re interested in that isn’t on here or you want to discuss any possible issues with installation etc, then please contact us, drop us an email or call us on 0845 643 6145

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