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Piping Hot Stoves for farms& estates

As most of the people who work in Piping Hot are from a farming background, we care deeply about the environment and pride ourselves on understanding the needs of farmers up and down the land. Farmhouses and Estates often are long term users of Biomass.

From simple stoves in cottages, range cookers in farm house kitchens and large straw burners for groups of buildings.

The supply and adoption of biomass is common. No two farm or estates have the same heating needs and where a range cooker maybe the answer for one, a large pellet boiler could suite another.

Our products and service offer great potential to save money on heating bills and in many cases earn money from heating subsidies.

If you are looking to heat a single house we have a range of stoves, boilers and cookers which will meet your needs.

However if you are looking to heat more buildings then we can offer a great range of solutions which could qualify for the Renewable Heat Incentive. As an example, Piping Hot have installed a large Moretti CS100 (93 Kw) pellet boiler in a stately home due to earn and save the owner £300,000 in RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) subsidies over 20 years. Considering that an installation of a Moretti CS100 was only approximately £20,000, you can see how estates can make large savings.

There is great potential on Farms and Estates for cost saving and subsidy income, and there are three areas land owners can benefit from Commercial RHI subsidies:

  1. Heating the Multiple Dwellings
    If a number of dwellings (separate council tax) can be heated by one biomass heating system then RHI payments can be claimed. This can be a pair of cottages or a Stately Home and a keeper’s cottage. If the properties are occupied by tenants, then the tenant can be charged for the heat they use. So the Farm or Estate earns from both RHI and selling the heat.

  2. Heating Commercial or Agricultural buildings
    Any rateable building is eligible for RHI and many farm building also qualify including:
    1. Glasshouses and Greenhouses.
    2. Grain dryers and Grain stores
    3. Poultry sheds and enclosed livestock buildings

  3. Heating a Farmstead or House If a farmhouse or house is associated with any qualifying heat use, then the house can be heated as part of the single biomass heating system. Then the entire heat for both the house and the qualifying building would attract the RHI payment.


A Biomass heating system eligible for RHI will attracts a 20 year inflation linked subsidy. RHI pays 8.3p per KWh (systems up to 200KW) of heat produced this typically results in a new Biomass boiler installation being paid back in 2-5 years and results in 15-18 years of free heating.

Even if the installation does not qualify for RHI, the savings in comparison with oil or LPG can pay for the new log cooker boiler in under two years. Biomass is also the easiest and cheapest way to improve a building EPC rating – a ‘G’ rating can easily become a ‘B’!

If you think that your farm or estate could benefit from commercial RHI, or if you’re just looking for a more eco-friendly heating system, then please drop us an email or give us a call to discuss your requirements.

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