MCZ Red Compact 24 Pellet Boiler

The Red Compact 24 is a cost effective pellet boiler, which will save you money on your heating, reduce your carbon footprint, improve your EPC rating and produce an annual income via RHI.

The Red Compact 24 is a simple and versatile MCS approved boiler. It is made by MCZ one of the largest makers of pellet burning products in the world. Red is MCZ’s boiler brand and they have a range of pellet and log boilers to suit most homes and budgets.

The Red Compact 24 runs on wood pellets and has a large 100 litre or 65kg built in hopper. There is a built in controller, which has a 7 day programmer that means it starts and stops itself at the times you have set. In addition to this it has an Eco Stop function, when selected the Eco Stop function will turn the boiler off when the desired temperature in the house has been reached and turn the boiler back on when the house has cooled down.

The boiler produces 22kw of heat to water, which is ample heating and hot water for most UK homes. The Compact 24 has a large enough hopper to run flat out for over 13 hours and on tick over for over 30 hours on tick over. However as it is automatic and turns itself off and on it will last many days without being filled up. In addition to the built in hopper there are a number of larger store options available. Red offer both a simple auger system, with automatic control and a vacuum system, to blow pellets from a store further away. As these are optional, the extra automation can be added later to reduce initial installation costs.

The boiler comes with a number of pumping options, which is installed in the back of the boiler. The two that suite the UK market best are both simple pumps, a standard version and a high efficiency model is available. In addition a direct hot water option can be specified, however this is not commonly used in the UK, as the flow rate is low and only works when the boiler is hot. We would recommend using the Compact 24 with an indirect Domestic Hot water cylinder, either vented or unvented.

For the heating circuit the boiler can be configured either directly connected to radiators or with a buffer / thermal store. It would normally only be installed with a buffer when a solar thermal system is also fitted. Within the controller there are a number of standard configuration settings, which are designed to make the boiler behave slightly differently depending on what it is attached to. This makes it very versatile and should result in a simple and efficient installation in your home. The Compact can work with both radiators and underfloor heating

At the rear of the boiler there is provision for a number of external electrical connections. This includes a room thermostat, hot water thermostat and a three way value. This means it can fit into most UK heating systems without major pipe work changes.

In addition to this there are two optional remote controls, either a thermostat or a remote control panel. To enable easy use of your boiler.

The Red Compact 24 is a biomass burning boiler and hence qualifies for the Renewable Heat Incentive as well as the current RHPP subsidy. Meaning the owner can get a £950 installation grant in most cases and will qualify for the RHI payment which will result in many years of free heating.

The Compact 24 is a cost effective pellet boiler, with will save you money on your heating, reduce your carbon footprint, improve your EPC rating and produce an annual income via RHI.

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MCZ Red Compact 24 Pellet Boiler

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