SuperSilo SP250 Pellet Silo

SuperSilo Pellet Silo SP250

The SuperSilo is a fabric wood pellet silo. It is available in sizes from 1m2 to 11m2, we offer two models. The SP250 is 5-7m2 in capacity or 3.4-5 tons of pellets. Most pellet delivery companies in the UK have a minimum delivery of 3 tons, so we advise a 3 ton + store as minimum. The Supersilo is designed to be robust, quick to assemble and versatile.

A pellet silo can be connected with any Pellet Boiler or used as a standalone store for a Pellet Stove. For a boiler the pellets can be transferred using a rigid or flexible auger or a blower system. These can be automated, so the boiler never runs out of fuel, well not until the silo does.

The price below does not include an auger or blower.

Key advantages of the SuperSilo

30 minutes assembly time, only and Allen key needed.

Anti-static Polyester fabric, designed to discharge static via the buildings earthing.

Built in Impact protection matt, stops the pellets turning into dust

Galvanised steel frame, for long life.

No dust, as the fabric acts as a filter

Easy to see how full it is.

Large saving over solid pellet silo

The SP250 is 250cm wide, 250cm tall and 250cm deep.

In stock

£2,721.60  20% VAT Incl.
SuperSilo SP250 Pellet Silo

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£2,721.60  20% VAT Incl.

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