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Wood Burning Heat Pellet Heat
Welcome to Piping Hot Stoves and the UK's finest selection of wood fired stoves & cookers at very affordable prices.
Some of our HOT offers and featured products.
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Pallet Packed with Pellets

At Piping Hot Stoves we specialise in providing wood and pellet burning domestic heating solutions. From wood burning cookers, pellet stoves, solid fuel boilers and simple log burning stoves we have a product that suits your heating needs.

With all our products we provide simple installation kits, so youíll find everything you need quickly and have all the items you need to create a warm home.

We select innovative and stylish products direct from leading European manufacturers. Our criteria is simple- if it canít beat the market leading product, itís not a product we should sell.

Many of our exclusive wood burning products are class leading in their efficiency. So not only are they great value when you install your heater but also provide inexpensive heat for years to come.
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