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The cast iron range has been a traditional focal point in many houses, the roaring fire creating a homely atmosphere. The modern solid fuel cookers we offer are a stylish and highly efficient evolution on the traditional cast iron range. So whether you are cooking a sumptuous roast lunch, an authentic pizza or just boiling a kettle a solid fuel cooker burning wood will make it taste just that little bit better!

Wood burning cooker is the heart of any home, the soul of the house. With a boiler it can provide enough hot water and central heating to keep a busy house in comfort. The wood burning cooker with boiler can easily heat an entire house but it can also be combined with almost any other central heating system oil, gas, pellets or solar

Our cookers have class leading efficiency making them one of the most ecological way to heat and cook as burning wood is one of the few truly CO2 neutral ways of heating. So you can both be good to the planet and heat your home cheaply. If you can't find a wood burning cooker that suits your needs, please call as we do have an extended range of solid fuel cookers.
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